No More MBA Debt

More to come but I paid off the final balance this morning 9/30/2016. 🙂


6 thoughts on “No More MBA Debt

    • Went out to dinner and had a few drinks. Still had credit card debt that I was trying to payoff. Then my appendix ruptured so it was kind of short-lived. Working on getting the medical bills paid and only having a car payment. I did replace my 3 year old MacBook Pro with a new shiny touchbar one so there’s that. I also bought a Starcraft expansion pack… lol

      • Glad you are okay after the ruptured appendix.
        Have you tried out a chromebook? Paid $300 for mine after my Mac died. Other than the limited size, it’s pretty cool.

  1. Thank you the kind thoughts. It was a few weeks of hell but the worst is over thankfully.
    I have not used a Chromebook, but I’m kind of a hardcore Apple guy / Mac user. Been using them since 1991 and have an iPad Mini 2 / iPhone 7 Plus that I use in conjunction with it. I am looking to get into video editing later this year once my credit cards are fully paid off. At work I use a Dell ultrabook that is way cheaper than my personal laptop but pushing it hard I can really tell the difference

    Macs definitely cost more but they tend to last longer and have better resale value. I got ~40% of the original purchase price back 3 years later. My mom is using a Mac Mini from 2007 still and my dad a semi-functioning after a fall MacBook Pro I had in grad school all the way back in 2006.

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